"Improve in microsurgery,
by doing"


Just train

The Microsurgery Arena is a 5 cm diameter, tridimensional training ground designed to develop fluid wrist movements under magnification and the microsuture tying under tension.

Anytime, anywhere

Take action and start to improve, today.

Made by surgeons, for surgeons

This idea was born from our need to have an effective and portable training tool to develop wrist movements under the microscope and the surgical knot under tension.
This device is made for us!

Portable & Easy to use

Microsurgery Arena + a pair of surgical loupe + 10 minutes training before a free flap = our recipe to improve dexterity.

International Collaboration

We are keen to collaborate with anyone interested in creating better Microsurgery Training exercises. We have already introduced this device in UK, Switzerland, Italy, India and Spain.

Research & Development

We are constantly testing and developing new inner meshes with different exercises to improve our surgical dexterity.

Join our community

Our full kit is available as a ready to use box that includes:
- Microsurgery Arena device in its metal screw cap box
- Castroviejo curved Micro-needle Holder 14.5cm
- Jewellers straight forceps 11.5cm
- Micro straight scissors 14cm
- 6/0 and 8/0 Microsuture packs
- QR code to link to Training Videos on the website



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