our new concept of two point discrimination device

Two-point discrimination (2PD) is the ability to discern that two nearby objects touching the skin are truly two distinct points, not one. It is often tested with two sharp points during a neurological examination and is assumed to reflect how finely innervated an area of skin is.

A two point discrimination tool

finally accurate, durable and beautiful

Beautiful Design

We wanted to create the perfect balance between functionality and design, but keeping it simple.


Aluminium alloy.
Light, accurate and resistent. 

Easy to Clean

The device is easy to clean and resistant to common disinfectants. Ready for outpatient clinic or emergency dept.

Cool Case

We provide a custom case to keep the device safe when you are not visiting patients.

Innovative Surgical Designs BAT-2PD

The kit includes:
- Cool Plexyglass case

£ 50

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