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with The Microsurgery Arena

Full Exercise

Using 6/0 or finer suture under appropriate magnification – loupe or microscope, this Full exercise allows various wrist movements that are essential in any microsurgical procedure. The wrist is used in forward, reverse movements as well as towards and away from the surgeon – allowing a supreme flexibility for safe suture placement in a vessel wall.

Reverse Loop

This exercise allows you to handle the micro needle and instruments to guide the suture carefully through the holes. The interplay between the Jewelers forceps and the Micro needle holder will be better appreciated in this exercise. Clearly, this also allows you to re-use the micro suture for multiple times!

Silicone Mesh

Once the handling of microsuture needle and the instruments are improved, this exercise will allow completing a basic, microsuture across the grids of the silicone mesh. Getting the right tension and ‘squaring’ knots securely are essential skills in performing a leak proof vessel repair. Of course, the only limit is the available suture packs…as there are plenty of practice grids for you!

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